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Last week I contacted a guy from England named Tim, he told me he had a blog of Indie music and asked the EP to make a review .. Well, Here we leave the link to read from the same site ... and that gives fiaca translate, it is easy and we translated us ... if you find any translation error let me know and you like to use these words to be googlearlas .... Thanks Tim for IndieBands Blog

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From Buenos Aires, in Argentina we find THE OCEAN. An indie band formed by 4 members Eduardo Capparelli (Voice), Javier Tainta (Bass), Leandro Castellot (Guitars) and Sebastian Quintanilla (Drums) quienen gathered in 2011.

Delivering a "mix" of rock of the '60s and' 70s to which they became a "mellifluous" sound. There is an alluring soundscape that is dispersed as mist in the room, an intricate output with which the listener wants to be interlaced. Instrumental mergers have their space and time to develop as the songs take their course.

The Ocean creatively has put together a range of influences and have been able to turn them into a warm structure having the ears begging for more, while they said their songs do not wander into the darkness.

I fear that they remain forever as a band without representation as so many in South America are desmerecidamente. The American indie scene, particularly in Argentina is thriving. It is very difficult for these bands to win local public due to the large amount of "State regimentation" (each assume what you think, do not do politics here).

Unfortunately, deaf ears, much of the world to some of the most creative and capable musicians playing today.

The Ocean has every ingredient to make a mark in the world of music and hope are not only Indie Bands Blog readers who recognize the magnificent craftsmanship when "blow up" the speaker is.

Tim, Indie Bands Blog

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