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Heroes and villains in the universe Ultraliviano

Ultraliviano T-Boy This week Ultraliviano launched his second album called T-Boy , to which I was invited to participate playing bass on 4 songs. Inspired by a fantasy world where four characters live, the songs are about them and their personal stories. Meet more of this band and Ultraliviano universe through his new job ... Read More

Out ULTRABRIT Mag - When Quality is a choice ...

If I tell you that there is a Argentina publication covering artists such as Morrissey, Led Zeppelin, Stone Roses, John Lydon, Garbage, Paul Weller, exclusives Will Sergeant of Echo & The Bunnymen, Richard Coleman, among others, with some amazing photographs and also the quality exceeds expectations more demanding reader, you will surely want to know that you speak publication. In yesterday's edition had access to launch ULTRABRIT Mag and I'm still trying to close the jaw .. one of the most pleasant surprises of recent times. Find out about that here is ...

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Blood and painting ...

Strange discipline is the tattoo artist ... hurts to print your art on skin, healed scars formed the design the client chose to cuerpo..Creo one is tattooed to give a message, some people get tattoos for themselves. .to not forget algo..para reaffirm a belief ... to cover her ... to heal emotional wounds ... or just to decorate your body and that others are vean..que other receptors mensaje..el mere fact that tattooing is an indication that one tolerates pain to get what they want ... the artist applying his craft on a concept or idea customer .. nothing is random or meaningless ...

Diego Biro Different are the motivations behind who paints ... this time it does not hurt ... you stroke the canvas with different techniques ... brushes, spatulas, to fingers and hands are sometimes elements that now the artist is having the concept, which expresses 100% pure thought from the depths of his being ... without intermediaries ... a direct relationship with the colors, textures and shapes .. maybe who paints heals itself. ...

Diego Biro is an artist who mastered both disciplines. For years serving local Nosferatu Tattoo Studio Gallery in Bond Street for years .. and also draws and paints. When we decided to make this EP , we wanted to combine our music with other art form, and chose for this first EP to Diego, who put images in our songs and rounded concept of what we wanted to express. This Saturday June 23, Diego also participated in our show in Liverpool Bar performing a live illustration while we played. The result is what we give to our dedicated and Pol Goz producer for their work and dedication in carrying out the EP .. Know a little more to Diego by these questions I asked these days, as we share a coffee chocotorta Slds of Martinez ... The Ruffian

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Meet Pol Goz ... ... Architect.

Pol Studios in Bulo

I sincerely believe that we live in a country with a lot talent ... Also very many problems ... of all kinds ... political, social, personal, psychological, and eschatological epicentric ... But I like to focus on the first part of the sentence ... the talent ..

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THE OCEAN in fmradiohead ...

This Friday 03.16 to 23hs we'll be chatting with the guys fmradiohead 96.9.

To listen to the program entering

We hope to spend some of our album and also listen to music and talk a bit of everything ... listen to it !!

Greetings from The Ruffian ...

Welcome to ... THE OCEAN.

Hi all,

Overthose Today we are launching our website, which accompanies the birth of our first EP V1.0 ANSIA . While this new musical project born in 2010, dates back further back, to 2005 when Eduardo Javier Tainta and Capparelli, who at that time were part of Underdog , began writing songs differently than they did to time.

The idea was to take new composed songs with an acoustic guitar and basically using software like Reason, Cubase and some plugins, leaving behind the logical limitation of a rock band as regards instrumentation. The first songs of those years were full of synthesizers, sequenced drums, bass sequenced and in many cases even the guitars were the result of "perillear" some synth software. Read More