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Meet Pol Goz ... Architect ....

I sincerely believe that we live in a country with a lot talent ... Also with very many problems ... of all kinds ... political, social, personal, psychological, and eschatological epicentric ... But I like to focus on the first part of the sentence ... the talent ..

It is known that the second language of rock is Spanish, and all Spanish-speaking countries, by far ... far .. Argentina is the one that had more development, more artists, generated the scene almost simultaneously with what passed in England and the United States without an assessment of quality or taste, it is enough to say without fear equivocarce we are between 3 countries with the greatest tradition and development in rock and pop.

In this context, we are full of talent ... a talent very many times ignored by the industry, so we find it is quite an event, recognize an obligation, and is a joy to consume ..

Pol Goz is the producer we chose for our first EP, my personal friend ... but I'm not here to tell my friends because I do not think anyone cares, I want to introduce an emerging talent as a musician and as a producer talking about what we care at all ... Great music ... our Lead Sound EP, architect ... .Ground Pol ... best to check.

The Ruffian: Tell us how you started your career as a musician and producer

Pol: Well, I started as a musician, then a producer devine almost without realizing it ... .As a musician, I started singing from an early age and then reaching adolescence was the turn of the instrument ... then the guitar. I was always more self-taught scholar, so I decided many things alone. My main concern at that time was able to make songs, you can download the data that came to mind without hesitation ....

The production was a consequence of the above .. it was logical that after dominating much the composition, my voice and my instrument needed to make them live together in harmony and also find record of a quick and concise manner what was channeling. Send order and make it shine.

ER: Why did you decide to start producing?

Pol: Begin to produce other artists came out of the need to perfect the production thereof and also the alternative to make a living with something that had to do with me. Work on many things before they can devote to music production. I started working under the wing of Zeta Bosio Alert label Discos in his other assistant engineers and producers.

After a while I got myself the responsibility of making productions that put the responsibilities and feelings to handle .. something I like to deal with. So were adding to the production of increasingly complex and put it in some way, with more limited time, etc ...

All those years were great learning, sweating and testing ... .Ahí was where I really began to understand that it was fully produced.

RE: What were your influences in both roles?

Pol: Many, like all artists ... but particularly the pop and rock world. Always look for what most resonated in me, I never felt like he betrayed me, trying to impose listening algoque not attract my attention. That generated a filter that made every thing that made him my attention, I look to the last detail and because it was playing there .. This generated a behavior ...

Obviously, many who know me know I am a great devotee of Soda and Cerati. The explanation for this is simple. In his music and its production was the order and chaos in harmony and that rafter me enough to be my essential when selecting music to listen pillar.

After one too begins to absorb and researching the ancestors and so begins to find a amount of things related to your liking .. obvious name artists do not like.

With respect to production, it is different .. perhaps because most prevalent in production is being carried away by what happens in during a production. That's what manda.Pero admit that my first search of soundness in sound come from the hand produced by Brendan O'Brien, who produced the grunge sound of the 90 ... that skinny blows mixtures and is the day of Today I continue looking unveil some secrets ... moreover, is the type most low profile that I know, so knowing you do in the kitchen is impossible ... it also made me search endlessly through experimentation ... always with the phrase in the teeth ... be over here ??

ER: As you face production jobs? You sound like an expense item from inception? you need?

Pol: Mainly listening to demos or raw material without interference from their composers. Letting the music speak to me and guide me. She always has an intention .. just have to dress her adecuada.Uno how serious his tailor.

Often the issues clearly suggest an audio other cases, the opposite .. and that's where comes in the most interesting part, which is to experiment, try different shades, order parts, etc ...

There is no particular quest because every artist has his label and what I try to emphasize is that in every production, accompanied by noissette chips.

RE: How was working with The Ocean on his first EP?

Pol: A bard! hahaha

Nah, not at all. On the contrary, things are very talented, understanding and research. Armed with these tools, it is unlikely that things will not come to fruition.

Perhaps strangest (and is something that happens very often) is that cost them loose to the idea of ​​being produced by someone outside the band. This occurred for two reasons ... the attachment to the demos and experimentation to work with another being oblivious to the band to decide for them.

I say it's common for this to happen because it is not very common in our market a rock band hire a producer to make your / s drives ... therefore falls outside the normal parameters of a recording musician. However this was nothing compared to the attacks of fingers and tongue that clung to Javi (laughs) ...

ER: That's what you call more attention to this work? what did you enjoy most? and that was the hardest?

Pol: I can not find anything that has caught my attention, but I emphasize the clarity of the query with each member. Definitely, and that makes the job more bearable.

I enjoyed the whole process from beginning to end because I was generating each particular code understanding and I felt very comfortable in that environment. With each person that one sees in this work always learn something new and this time it was given all the time. I remember very intense sessions with Eddy voices, as his voice is a rough diamond polishing was to know to get all the brightness and character. It was very emotional too.

The hardest thing was to convince Leandro .. he had to leave his ex-girlfriend or rewrite all guitars again ... (at the end end doing both) or explain to Javi and his favorite band also uses strong compressors the battery. (Laughs)

ER: Conta where recorded, the characteristics of the study and because you thought it was a good place to do this project

Pol: The album was recorded entirely in the studio, "Whopper" in the neighborhood of Saavedra. This study is on two floors where floor doing most of my productions ... for two reasons, the hardware class with that account and for the good vibes that resides there.

Also accessible in relation to the used, gives cost advantages when working with good times and schedules without pressure or timers. I really like the room is in your rec room and reflections there are obtained eg for batteries. For this project it was ideal.

The production part of the strings and synths did the control that I have in my home as a matter of convenience to the study instruments.

ER: As you can see the local and global music scene? changes you see in the way you compose, produce, promote and sell music?

Pol: Well, I think that while we have globalized pros and cons of living in a country of the third kind ... and that is very noticeable. The local scene is still very selfish and that leads to a terrible depersonalization that worsens as time passes. I think locally this difficult to do shows with good production and not come out with losses of all kinds.

However, the wheel keeps spinning and all time leading exponents new fight and keep the flame of rock Argentilingo ... but it would be interesting to all of us to relax a bit and begin to unite and support each other to achieve a common movement appear call back the public's interest.

It is also true that both international artist landed in our country, bet generators pose about these events and not on domestic production .. We should put Moreno in the Ministry of Culture so that this does not happen more ?? ... (laughs)

Moreover, we have internet .. and this really is another world. Social networks are making a revolution like in ancient times the press regarding the publication of works and that is very good for all artists in the world. While multimedia and producers are fighting over who gets the biggest slice, things grow and that the smaller and medium artists, they are very favorable.

Also, the fact that each musician to produce music or media from home proliferates supply while demand dissolves endless possibilities it really is very difficult to predict where anger.

I think more to this that we live today in the old mechanisms of production and sale of art. We're doing well, but still lack clear guidelines and order in many cases.

RE: How was your experience in Europe playing with Pollen?

Pol: It was very strong. Seen from today seems like a dream .. but it was very real. We were able to obtain a very precise things as they really are out there ... and reaffirming demystify a lot of things vision.

I really enjoyed, but it was also very strange to go to touch them ... However, to our surprise, were very well received and celebrated in every show. They do not judge ... enjoy.

We played something like 9 shows both festivals as in the first line under London and Barcelona. I think this answers a little to the previous question ... the power of the Internet is limitless, and to show what you do across boundaries and kilometers is something great that can get your music to unimagined places and that we must take advantage .

We call attention to the professionalism and speed of the people working in the media as well as the willingness and good treatment that artists have to be of the kind they are. Here art and creation vibrates. We honor.

Oh .. and the artists are so hung like here ... lol

ER: Conta where we can hear your music, your work and contact you

Pol: We are currently finishing the new material to be released in the coming weeks and possibly also playing live soon.

Here I give you some links where they can be aware of what we do with pollen or, introduce them to ...

To contact me you can do so through Facebook messages on the fan page Polen.

Greetings, pleasure and love for all.

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