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Meet Pol Goz ... Architect ....

Studios Bulo pol

I sincerely believe that we live in a country with a lot talent ... also with very many problems ... of all kinds ... political, social, personal, psychological, epicentric and eschatological ... But I like to focus on the first part of the prayer ... talent ..

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Welcome to THE OCEAN ....

Hello everyone,

Overthose Today we are launching our website, which accompanies the birth of our first EP V1.0 ANSIA . While this new musical project born in 2010, the origin goes back further back, to 2005 when Javier Eduardo Tainta and Capparelli, which at that time belonged to Underdog , began to compose songs differently than they did up time.

The idea was to take new songs composed with an acoustic guitar and basically using software such as Reason, Cubase and some plugins, leaving behind the logical limitation of a rock band as regards implementation. The first songs of those years were full of synthesizers, sequenced drums, bass sequenced and in many cases even the guitars were the result of "perillear" some synth software. Read More